They are just a few of the AVG features that you can use. Most of these are available free and there are also plenty of paid features as well. What is the AVG Features That You Can Use?

There are quite a lot of AVG features that you can use and lots of of them are free. In fact , the majority of the features that they can offer will be completely free of charge.

One of the first things that you have to do is to become a free anti virus scans. A few of the websites that offer this for free give scans that could be run on a single computer. Nevertheless , there are some other AVG antivirus scans that can be used more than once.

You can set up your desktop icons to become displayed in various colors. You can even have them come as green icons if you would like.

You will find two sound personal preferences here. You can choose between making the desktop pop-up and displaying pop-up windows separately.

You can also find a feature for creating multiple music choices. This feature will allow you to build a folder for every song or possibly a playlist.

You need to play video clips, you can use the options for this. This permits you to customize the video participant to display the video for each video you observe.

One feature that will let you add multiple teams or several types of teams is called Group Managers. Allowing you put, remove, or rename teams, which will give you more control over which ones will be showing up.

A second of the AVG features is definitely the Idle System. This will allow you to manage the time that you spend in every program.

You may set up what programs to operate from the file that you have made and set it up in line with the typical record type types. You can replace the priority in order that some programs can run without your knowledge while others can wait for one to say that they could be used.

The Active Period Manager will let you monitor the number of time that each of the programs in your pc are being used. You can set all of them up to run at completely different times the whole day.

One of the best AVG features that you can use is the termes conseillés. With this, you can create what tasks you want to be completed at certain times of the day or for an entire week.